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Dear new and expectant parents,

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!

Yehoshua Fromowitz is a Certified Mohel who practices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and also has an office in Las Vegas, Nevada. He has had the honor and privilege to be involved in Brit Milah for more than 10 years, and has  practiced Britot in Israel, and the United States, for Jews (and non-Jews) of all affiliations and backgrounds. He can also officiate as a Rabbi at the ceremony that accompanies the brit. The bris service includes visits before and after check-ups on the baby.

Brit Milah is the Jewish ritual circumcision of newborn baby boys. It is one of the most fundamental traditions of Judaism, extending back to the time of Abraham. The physical act of Brit Milah creates an everlasting spiritual bond between the new Jewish child and his Creator. Indeed, it links the child to his rich Jewish ancestry and to his Jewish brethren throughout the world. The significance of Brit Milah is profound for both the child and his parents.  The Brit Milah is an extremely joyous occasion - it is a time of genuine celebration.

Traditionally the Brit is performed by a Mohel – an expert in both the surgical technique of circumcision and the Jewish laws pertaining to it. 

Please  contact him with any questions. He's also available to schedule a meeting in person to discuss your plans or any issues you may have.